Customer Diversified Requirement, Our Tailored Solution

In the era of cloud computing, big data and the internet of things, more and more resilient, reliable and scalable data center facilitates are required to empower industry digital transformation and innovation.

As a leading global data center and cloud computing solutions provider, Inspur can bring expertise in design, engineering, construction, project management and maintenance, along with our customer to meet growth needs across emerging markets.


Inspur provides one-stop integration services of cloud data center, including consultation, planning, design, collaborative supervision, integration, implementation, training, business operation, system O&M and etc. The total solution can comprehensively improve data center construction and service level, make it green, operational, maintainable, scalable, business value-added and innovative, to help government & industry customers cloud construction and digital support.

A full-service solution covering entire lifecycle

  • Data Center Planning
  • Data Center Design
  • Data Center Construction & Renovation
  • Data Center IT Integration
  • Data Center Operation & Maintenance

We offer professional consulting and planning services to help you manage your data center investments, improve operations and performance, and deliver excellent business results to meet customer’s strategic objectives of business development. The services go through the entire lifecycle of Data Center, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services.

  • Strategic Planning & Pre-Design
  • Technology Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies & Project Cost Budgeting
  • Facility Assessments/Analysis
  • Security Consulting
  • Relocation Evaluation & Planning
  • Data Center Renovation

Serving You

Matching Development Strategy

Considering the Client’s business development objectives, fiscal constraints, long-term strategic goals and IT planning growth model, offer an individualized, tailored consulting and planning service to match Client development strategy

Planning Entire Lifecycle

Fully plan and design the entire lifecycle of data center, from assessment, strategy design, to construction, commission, operation and maintenance, to build a reliable, scalable, sustainable and green data center.

Balancing Economy and Productivity

Under the guidance of customer development strategy, balance the usability, reliability requirement and total cost to offer the most economical and optimized planning and solution

We have independent technical team with different specialties to be extensively involved in the new data center construction and the renovation and upgradation of existing data centers, we also work with some of the overseas experienced design firms to ensure that our facility assessment and design documents perfectly match the Client’s development demands and personalized needs.

Data Center Design Scope

We can provide flexible service scope to meet the customer's construction content, mainly including:

  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design Development
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Construction Consultant Management
  • Drawings and Documentation Handover

Data Center Design Scenario

Renovation Scenarios

For the renovation or relocation of existing data center, upon the comprehensive analysis of the existing systems & facilities, we cooperate with IT and facility staff to identify and quantify the project requirements, under the available budget level, to work out the reasonable migration or expansion strategies and design to meet the business development trend.

New Construction Scenarios

Based on Client’s sustainable business development demands, we can provide the end-to-end design and services, including site survey, requirements establishment, budget assessment, equipment selection, phased design activities, drawing and documentation, coordination, construction consultant management, to plan and build a reliable, scalable, available, and security-rich data center.

For many years, we are the data center contractor specializing in providing the highly available, scalable, redundant and manageable, turnkey solution for domestic and international Clients. Our professional project teams, experienced consultants, project managers and supervisors, accompanied with our subcontractor resources, will ensure the final deliverables meeting your needs, falling with your budget, and completing on time.

Drawing on our expertise in design and consultancy, engineering, construction & integration, operation & maintenance, we can offer you the up-to-date, state-of-the-art data center you need and follow your construction modes, such as the traditional design-specify-bid-build or the more modern design/build. For data migration, data center relation or renovation, we can provide professional technical capabilities and end-to-end service capabilities to meet Client’s diversified service needs.

Services Scope

Common Services

  • Contractor Management
  • Design/Build Construction
  • Bid & Specification Construction
  • Project Management

New Data Center Construction Services

  • Architectural & Engineering Construction
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing
  • Computing & Public Office Area Decoration
  • Communications & Data Cabling Construction
  • Delivery Co-ordination
  • Data Center Commissioning
  • Equipment Installation Services
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Construction
  • Acceptance

Data Center Migration & Renovation Services

  • Data Migration Implementation
  • Data Center Relocation Coordination & Implementation of IT
  • Data Center Energy Renovation
  • Data Center Expansion
  • Test & Assessment

Data Center Categories

Standard Data Center

  • Hyper-scale, standardized, intelligent infrastructure
  • Lower construction cost and carrying more business
  • Efficient and automatic unified management

Container Data Center

  • Flexible tailored solution
  • Simplified rapid deployment
  • Good environment adaptability, easy relocation

Micro-module Data Center

  • Efficient and integrated modular architecture
  • Rapid construction and expansion

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. More and more enterprises use cloud technology and big data to improve their competitiveness, which help enterprises reduces costs and save resources, make enterprise information architecture more agile, and quickly launch various innovative businesses, so as to improve the efficiency of all aspects of the enterprise, and finally bring business model innovation.

How to meet the various requirements for cloud-enabled, service-driven, and agile IT during enterprise’s digital transformations, it is challenges and opportunities for planning, design, construction of data center. Inspur can provide IT integration services to help customer construct the cloud-based data centers to drive the digital transformation, which can consolidate internal IT systems and seamlessly migration applications to the cloud, lowering costs, improving efficiency, and achieving agile operations.

Cloud Data Center Architecture

Inspur IT integration solution can provide entire or partial cloud data center solution and components services; the entire solution includes Cloud IT infrastructure, virtual resource pool, centralized resource management, service delivery, security, operation and maintenance, which provides comprehensive services from consulting and planning, to design and deployment implementation.

  • IT Infrastructure Provision: designs and provides the owned brand full-set IT products based on the customers’ business requirement, including servers, storage and etc.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Integration Solution: Designs and deploys hardware and virtual resource pool construction, integrates multiple vendor’s cloud management platforms to provide the centralized cloud resource management and automatic O&M.
  • Data Center DR Solution: designs and provides a full range of Data Center disaster recovery solution to ensure customer’s business availability.
  • Cross-cloud and Multi-Data Center Management: designs and provides the multiple Data Center & cross cloud solution to meet customer’s distributed and hybrid-cloud management requirement

Cloud IT Infrastructure

Owned Brand Full-set IT Products

Named by Gartner as one of the top 3 server manufacturers in the world, Inspur has full set of IT products, including servers, storages, networks.

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Virtual Resource Management

Computing Resource Management

The InCloud Sphere is a server virtualization product for enterprises that offers superior stability and reliability. The designs of all components are based on high availability and intuitive usability, which facilitate the establishment of a secure, stable, highly-efficient, and user-friendly data center resource virtualization platform.

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Centralized Cloud Resource Management

The best Cloud Operation System Based on OpenStack

An open, converged, secure, and intelligent cloud computing platform to support the unified management of computing resources and backup capabilities for dual data center in the same city, with the management capability of 1000+ nodes in single-cluster

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Heterogeneous Resource Management & Service Provisioning

Multi-region & multi-data center heterogeneous resource management & Centralized Service Provisioning

A cloud-based data center management platform dedicated to private clouds and hybrid clouds. It offers an open and secure solution for the maintenance and management of enterprise-level cloud data centers.

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When the construction of data center is completed and put into commercial use, data center operation and maintenance begins. We provide data center operation and maintenance services. In addition to daily monitoring, security management, automation processing and other onsite basic services, we can also assess and help customers in IT architecture and configuration optimization and energy consumption optimization from data center security, availability, green energy saving and other aspects, so as to reduce the overall TCO.

Onsite Operation & Maintenance Services

Based on the best practices from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, we provide an efficient, reliable, agile approach to data center operations and maintenances.

The detailed work scope of Data Center onsite operation and maintenance services include:

Energy Consumption Optimization

In recent years, the high energy consumption and environmental pollution of data centers have become a pressing issue. Based on the energy-saving and energy conservation technologies, combining comprehensive data center energy consumption data and equipment operation status and environment parameters, we can analyze energy efficiency and identify the ‘short board’, assist customer to optimize and reduce the overall energy consumption. The process of energy consumption potential evaluation to design optimization plans and implement detailed energy saving measures and assess optimization effect

The Data Center energy consumption data monitoring and analysis display.

Case Study

Inspur Cloud Computing Data Center, JINAN, CHINA

Completely designed, built, operated and maintained by Inspur, to Build domestic and regional government cloud and public cloud platform

CMCC Cloud Computing Center, LANGFANG, CHINA

A hyperscale 5-star data center of China Mobile, with surpassing international T3 and National A-class Standard

Regional Cloud Data Center, Indonesia

A regional Cloud Data Center to assist customer promoting the cloud service, co-location, hosting service, serving the local government and industry enterprises.

Case Study

Inspur Cloud Computing Data Center, JINAN, CHINA

Completely designed, built, operated and maintained by Inspur, to Build domestic and regional government cloud and public cloud platform

CMCC Cloud Computing Center, LANGFANG, CHINA

A hyperscale 5-star data center of China Mobile, with surpassing international T3 and National A-class Standard

Regional Cloud Data Center, Indonesia

A regional Cloud Data Center to assist customer promoting the cloud service, co-location, hosting service, serving the local government and industry enterprises.


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