Why manage and safeguard dhcp server overzealously?

20 April 2021

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses do serve a crucial role in today’s highly advanced networking world. Hence, without one, it is simply impossible for one to stay connected to any kind of network. It is equally vital to understand how the network administrator configures Dynamic Host Control Protocol (dhcp server). It does have a huge bearing upon network performance. Some people could be paying excess attention towards network cabling layout. It is necessary for the infrastructure to work along with such servers so as to achieve higher results, especially when network connectivity is concerned.

Essential aspects to consider while managing dhcp server

Dynamic Host Control Protocol server is said to be responsible to lease addresses for all devices which stay connected to the network. Hence, if anything wrong is noticed on the server setting, then it is likely to result in the whole network not working efficiently or simply collapse. Some vital points are to be checked in this regard:

Starting/Ending IP address pool of the Dynamic Host Control Protocol server.

To manage Internet Protocol address reservations

Maintain and monitor Static IP addresses

Trying to determine the initial address that can be leased by your server is crucial. This is because it offers plenty of opportunities to determine device numbers to be connected with the network segment during any point of time. Based on the device volume, you can determine consciously your subnet mask.

Devices which tend to host shared resources should be provided with static IP addresses. It is crucial since it provides an easy time to the network administrator, especially when connecting other users with the said resource. In case you own a shared resource with ever changing address, then the system or network administrator is likely to have a tough time. He/she is required to reconnect users every time a new address is leased by the Dynamic Host Control Protocol server.

Static IP Addresses – Tips to manage it efficiently

The systems administrator is to firstly ensure that the static IP addresses does not get leased with other network devices apart from the chosen device. It effectively means that network administrator is to ensure reserving such addresses apart from ensuring they are either below or above lease range of the DHCP-server.

Based on the router type of DHCP-server used, you may bind certain addresses with the device MAC (media access control) identity. In this manner, you can ensure that other devices gets access to the specified address since MAC identities do not get shared between such devices.

The administrator’s job is to maintain the network and carry out regular network scans to identify the devices that are connected with the system. Such practices help eliminate conflicts as well as restrict network performance. Portable machines results in wrong addresses since they are connected with different networks as their owners are required to move between offices. Every time the network is scanned and wrong configured devices are identified, necessary action is to be taken immed