Why invest in a Dedicated smtp server to accommodate bulk mailing?

20 April 2021

If your business involves in reaching out to potential customers in huge numbers, then you may depend on emails. Sending emails in high volumes like 100 thousands a day or even one million+ is not as task. In this case, regular email marketing providers such as mailchimp cannot be used for the purpose. This means, you have to search for a reliable and dedicated smtp server having own domain and IPs. This way, you can send across emails in large numbers easily and trouble-free.

About smtp server

It is considered to be a type of serve that provides you access to send as well as receive huge number of emails. Moreover, you also get your very own domain name for your business. Also are provided multiple IPS or domains on an individual SMTP mail server based on your specific requirements. For configuring such email servers, you are required to download MTA agent software. This is to be used for relaying the emails.

About MTA Software





Powermta, etc.

Tips to use SMTP mail server to use emails

It is important to configure the SMTP hosting server the correct way. Once done, you are to setup the SMTP user account right on the server using a secure password. The next task involves installation of email marketing software right on the server such as interspire, mailwizz, etc. Then set SMTP user name as well as password in the software. Now, it is ready to send the desired campaigns.

Solid tips to enhance delivery rate

Setup skim, spf, dmarc, rDNS properly.

Avoid spoofing

Subject lines should not have spam words like sale, test, coupon trail, discount, offer, etc.

Avoid using spam words in the email message.

Do not include blacklisted domain links or bad links in the email.

Do not send excessive links or attach large images in emails.

Do not send attachments (since most email servers might block attachments).

Avoid sending high volume emails especially with cold ips and cold domain.

The email header or footer is to include Unsubscribe Link without fail.

Adhere always to can-spam law while sending emails especially to cold lists.

SMTP Mail Server benefits

Using own SMTP mail server to send emails will mean, no need to pay the ESPS for email delivery costs. Rather, you are just required to pay only the monthly server availed from the provider. Nothing else! It is indeed a viable cost-effective solution to adopt. Moreover, you can send emails using own ips and domain. This way, your potential customers and email receivers will be able to recognize your brand easily out of the lot. thus, your email delivery can enjoy having branded solution. Setting up feedback loops will allow you to manage all complains directly by yourself, permitting maintaining delivery reputation and campaigns.

Therefore to send across transactional or promotional bulk emails, setup own SMTP mail server using own domain and multiple ips. This will also ensure sure success of your business.