What are the benefits of using a quality proxy server?

20 April 2021

There is no denying the fact that technology has advanced at a rapid pace. Internet is a big thing now and its importance has only grown manifolds post-Covid-19 world. The proxy server functions similar to a hub between the target site and your web browser. Besides handling requests, it meets other purposes such as bypassing security systems, anonymous browsing and domain responses.

Benefits offered by proxy server

  • GeoLocation Testing: Geolocation technology has presently acquired immense importance especially with numerous sites making good use of it. The main purpose for its use is to personalize web content, directing visitors to the desired pages. It is achieved by identifying visitor’s location. Local content, as per recent trends, is gaining popularity among web communities. Moreover, it is easy to implement this technology, since there are present numerous APIs and paid services. These servers can help test as well as implement desired geolocation features. Besides this, it is free to avail. However, selecting paid version can be a wise idea to avoid risking vital business data.
  • Anonymous browsing: Such servers allow you to hide from unwanted external networks, thus ensuring your network appears anonymous to others. Your network stays protected. You also get the facility to browse the web without fearing hacker attacks or face other threats as you have non-accessible network, you do not have to fear of getting attacked by hackers, scammers or spammers.
  • Performance: They provided efficient web content. Also, using this tool allows faster access to documents and sites as it searches the previously downloaded result caches like graphical content and pictures. Thus, there is noticed significant increase in performance.
  • ISP: It is essential for educational institutes to offer access to particular sites periodically. As web content moves via the ISP filter, you will have the facility to set the web browser to use ‘another server’. This is to bypass ISP proxy.
  • Load Balancing: This is considered to be another benefit offered by such servers. It helps balance load between different HTTP servers. It also maintains all severs, since excess load when placed on some particular servers is likely to damage the overall infrastructure. This, in turn, is likely to cause loss.
  • Filter requests: The server plays another vital role which is to filter data or requests from various sites. Large organizations, for example, tend to make use of servers to ensure internet usage in the area adheres to prescribed usage policy. Besides this, authentication can be enabled to allow web masters to have better control over the delivered content.

Hence, using such servers, you will be able to allow particular hosts to bypass. Here, the purpose served is to prevent or block some sites which display unwanted material. Besides this, the tool can be used to avoid employees from accessing inappropriate sites.

Therefore, if you plan to use such servers, then you should first get to know how it will benefit your business. Discussing with the domain professionals will give you a better idea.