InCloud OpenStack

Inspur InCloud Data Center Operating System, An open, converged, secure, and intelligent cloud computing platform.

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Simple and user-friendly

Supports one-click containerized batch deployments and service choreography and graphical drag-and-drop interfaces based on data visualization components.

Disaster recovery capability

Backup capabilities for dual centers in the same city, as well as dual-active and remote data centers. The one-click failure switching solution provides fine-grained disaster recovery for tenants.

Integrated multi-resource management

A common platform for the unified management of computing resources such as virtual machines, bare metals, containers and GPU. These resources can be scheduled in parallel as well.


Multi-dimensional cloud security reinforcement for physical, virtual, and business applications.

Large-scale cluster management

The single-cluster management capability of the InCloud OpenStack allows for 1000+ nodes and multi-region management of multiple data centers, making it possible to implement large-scale data center delivery.

InCloud OpenStack