InCloud Sphere

The InCloud Sphere is a server virtualization product for enterprises that offers superior stability and reliability. The designs of all components are based on high availability and intuitive usability, which facilitate the establishment of a secure, stable, highly-efficient, and user-friendly data center resource virtualization platform.

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Stability and reliability

Achieves ultra-large-scale deployments. A single iCenter in China National Radio and Television Administration 's data center can manage 550 hosts and 8000 virtual machines.

Offers system recovery under extreme circumstances. More than 400 test cases have been designed for power failure, network disconnection, and hardware failure scenarios, so as to validate and improve the product's reliability.

Features an intelligent automatic maintenance mechanism and functions such as HA, online live migration automatically, DRS, and DPM, so as to guarantee continuous operation.

Security and compatibility

Over 260 OS adaptations: Compatible with common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. 

Inspur has collaborated with major network security companies in the country such as Rising, and Topsec to create agentless antivirus solutions, network protection, and firewalls.

Dual-site disaster recovery, virtual machine backup functions, and configurable virtual machine protection policies that ensure the protection of important operations and data.

Simple and user-friendly

Optimized installation and deployment operating procedure through a graphical cursor interface that allows users to understand the installation procedure in 10 minutes.

The bare metal functions designed specifically for small-to-medium enterprises do not require a complex architecture and enable the unified management of virtual machines and bare metal environments.

The flexible scheduling of resources allows live migration between host and virtual machine clusters. The same software can be used to manage distributed and centralized storage, thus enabling the requirements of different operations to be met.

High efficiency and performance

Supports pass-through for hardware acceleration in multiple GPUs and FPGAs, fulfilling the requirements for high-performance scenarios such as deep learning, inference, training, rendering, and modeling.

Offers mass tuning for distributed storage. InCloud Sphere can be combined with InCloud Storage to provide ultra-high IOPS for Inspur's hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) products.

Developed for mass low-level optimization, the InCloud Sphere is equipped with functions such as CPU shares, limits, and memory reservations, so as to ensure that computing resources with higher performance can be deployed for key operations.

InCloud Sphere