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Inspur Continues to Lead Development in IT Infrastructure, Rated “Very Strong” in Data Center Tech... 2020-03-28
Inspur OBH Market Breakthrough in February 2020 2020-03-02
Inspur Re-Elected as Member of SPEC OSSC and Chair of SPEC Machine Learning 2020-02-24
Inspur OBH market breakthrough in January ~ February 2020 2020-02-12
Inspur Japan Holds "Together, Go Further" Partner New Year Party 2020-01-16
Inspur Korea Held ”Intelligent Computing Creates Infinite Possibility” Customer Event 2020-01-10
A prosperous 2019 of Open Computing in Inspur 2020-01-08
Inspur Edge AI Servers Now Supporting NVIDIA EGX Platform 2020-01-07
Inspur OBH market breakthrough in December 2019 2020-01-02
Inspur and Intel Jointly Release Industry-Leading All-flash Storage with Dual-Port Optane SSD 2019-12-20
Inspur Releases Multiple Series of Cutting-Edge Storage Products 2019-12-19
Inspur releases Intel Xeon Platinum 9200-based HPC system at SC19 2019-12-16
Inspur showcases new liquid cooling HPC system with Natural Circulation Evaporative Cooling technolo... 2019-12-16
Inspur Releases the First OAM System MX1 supporting Multiple AI Chips at the SC19 2019-12-13
IDC: Against a 3% Global Server Shipment Decline in Q3 2019, Inspur Grows 11% 2019-12-13
Worldwide Server Market Revenue Declined 6.7% Year Over Year in the Third Quarter of 2019, According... 2019-12-06
Inspur NF5180M5 Flexible 1U Server Review 2019-10-23
Inspur Unveils Latest Open Computing Contributions and OpenRMC Roadmap 2019-09-27
Inspur and Baidu Jointly Launched World’s First OAI Compliant Open AI Computing Solution 2019-09-27
Inspur Open-Sources TF2, a Full-Stack FPGA-Based Deep Learning Inference Engine 2019-09-20
Inspur was invited to attend ASEAN Smart Cities Network Conference & Exhibition 2019 in Thailand 2019-08-25
STH Interview with Bill Carter of OCP and John Hu of Inspur 2019-08-01
Inspur Focus on Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 2019-07-26
OCP China Day Integrates AI, Edge Computing, and 5G Topics with Open Computing 2019-07-01
Inspur Builds Leading Supercomputer π2.0 for Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2019-06-21
Inspur Launches New AI & HPC Appliance at ISC19 2019-06-19
IDC: Inspur Storage Ranks Top 5 in the First Quarter of 2019 Worldwide 2019-06-14
Worldwide Server Market Revenue Increased 4.4% Year Over Year in the First Quarter of 2019, Accordin... 2019-06-10
Inspur and Intel share Rocky testing data at premiere of OpenInfra Summit 2019-05-14
ASC19 Wrapped up with 20 Teams Taking Home Top Honors 2019-05-14
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