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Inspur Information Breaks Record for SPC-1 Price-Performance With AS2200G2 Storage Platform 2020-11-18
Inspur Announces at SC20 that Its AI Servers Support the Latest NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU 2020-11-18
Inspur Information and Samsung Electronics Announce Open All-Flash Storage Resource Pooling Solution... 2020-11-13
Inspur Information Unveils inMerge HCI Systems Targeting AI, Edge and Cloud Computing 2020-09-09
Inspur Information Presents inMerge HCI Systems Targeting AI, Edge and Cloud Computing at Nutanix 20... 2020-09-09
A turning point in human-elephant conflict: Cloud + data + AI to protect our shared land 2020-09-01
Inspur Storage Provides the John Paul II Hospital with Data Support to Fight Against Pandemic 2020-08-28
World Elephant Day: Inspur Develops Technology to Protect 300 Wild Asian Elephants and Drive Ecologi... 2020-08-12
Inspur Systems NF8260M5 4P Intel Xeon OCP Server Review 2020-08-07
Inspur NF5488A5 Breaks AI Server Performance Record in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks 2020-08-05
Inspur Information Releases New Server Optimized for Mobile Liquid Cooling Cluster 2020-07-28
Inspur AIStation for AI Cluster Operations Management Solution 2020-07-24
Inspur Information Releases AIStation Inference Platform for Compute Power Scheduling in Enterprise ... 2020-07-17
Inspur's Storage System AS5500G5 Resets Best Performance Record for SPC-1 BenchmarkTM 8-Controller S... 2020-06-29
Inspur Grows Against Downward Trend in 2020 Q1 Global X86 Server Market Report 2020-06-20
Inspur Releases M6 Four-Socket Servers Supporting the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor and Inte... 2020-06-19
Inspur Takes 3rd Place in NeurIPS AutoDL 2019-2020 2020-05-18
Inspur InCloud OpenStack Sets New SPEC Cloud Test Records 2020-05-18
IDC Releases 2019 Data for China’s AI Server Market: Inspur Leads with a Share over 50% 2020-05-15
Inspur Releases 5 New AI Servers Powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs 2020-05-14
Inspur’s Open AI, Computing and Networking Innovations Driving Adoption of Total Open Solutions 2020-05-14
Inspur NF5488M5 Review A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server 2020-05-07
Extreme Designs of Inspur Servers to Drive Innovation 2020-04-28
Inspur Continues to Lead Development in IT Infrastructure, Rated “Very Strong” in Data Center Tech... 2020-03-28
Inspur Re-Elected as Member of SPEC OSSC and Chair of SPEC Machine Learning 2020-02-24
Inspur OBH market breakthrough in January ~ February 2020 2020-02-12
Inspur Japan Holds "Together, Go Further" Partner New Year Party 2020-01-16
Inspur Korea Held ”Intelligent Computing Creates Infinite Possibility” Customer Event 2020-01-10
A prosperous 2019 of Open Computing in Inspur 2020-01-08
Inspur Edge AI Servers Now Supporting NVIDIA EGX Platform 2020-01-07
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