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Issuance of In-Cloud V2.0 by Inspur, A Boost for Cloud DC to be More Open and Integrated

2012-8-9 16:49:00

On August 9th , Inspur Group, China’s leading cloud computing solution and service provider, issued officially In-Cloud V2.0, which is independently designed by Inspur and developed as an important product with technology upgrading after the completion of Cloud technology arrangement. Under the technical idea of openness and integration, this product have positive impact on the establishment of open and integrated technical standard and Cloud computing ecosystem in Cloud data center.

Compare with In-Cloud 1.0, In-Cloud 2.0 has become more open, standardized, and hierarchical, with further technology upgrading of its components. It can be bought and arranged in accordance with different management needs occurred on different stages of Cloud computing center. Thus a well-developed API application interface standard takes shape which means In-Cloud 2.0 is compatible with other manufacturers in the industry. Functionally, In-Cloud 2.0 has added many modules, by which it excels in providing resource service of full life circle and exercising unified and intellectual management.

At present, China’s Cloud computing has stepped into the period of quick development and gradually been put into use. The data center, the basis for Cloud computing, has also been confronted with how to transform from traditional deployment model to Cloud computing data center. In the process of the transformation of Cloud computing data center, it should satisfy different needs of users at different stages. Wang Hongli, vice president of Inspur information, general manager of Inspur server product department, believes that compatible operating system enables users to move to cloud computing in the short term, but in the long run, users are more in need of component based and hierarchical software system. At present, most data centers in China are mainly dedicated to the concentration and integration of resources and cloud operating system have common technical problem as to how to be compatible with heterogeneous equipment. After the integration, clients’ needs for value-added functions such as billing and backups become obvious, which requires the Cloud operating system to buy in accordance with needs and add in modulation.

The key to Cloud computing lies in integration while the key to the integration of Cloud data center lies in the openness of the operating system of the data center. In Zhang Dong’ view, who is chief inspector of Inspur systems software as well as general manager of Cloud computing product research department, Cloud operating system can be no longer understood as a product in the narrow sense, but a platform and standard for the data center. Operating system is an irreplaceable solution to complete the transformation from hardware to resource pool by data center, and also the only link between hardware and application. As the core, it has decisive effects on technical indexes such as application system and hardware. Cloud operating system must take into account the better compatibility with hardware and software of different manufacturers  as well as the ever-changing reality where Cloud computing is applied, so that third party can carry out system optimization and transplantation based on the current operating system platform.

Cloud computing is now confronted with different types of techniques which are not compatible with one another, which causes technical binding and limited choices for clients while suppressing industry competition and affecting the development of IT industry. Therefore, it should be put on top priority to form a set of standard system which can enable different types of techniques compatible with one another. It is agreed in the industry that In-Cloud V2.0, as a landmark product, provides a unified standard —for the technologies of the industry under the guidance of the ideas of “independence, openness and integration”. Thus, the issuance of In-Cloud V2.0 is beneficial to the formation of China Cloud computing data center standard and Cloud computing industrial technique standard.

Since the strategy transition of Cloud computing, Inspur has positioned itself as an overall solution and service provider on the three levels of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. In recent years, Inspur has developed equipment products such as mainframe, mass storage and Cloud data center operating system, becoming the only one Cloud computing manufacture boasting complete and independent system. Since In-Cloud OS is the critical technique in the whole technical arrangement, the issuance of the new product means the enhancement of the capability of In-Cloud OS to provide clients with IaaS overall solution, which will accelerate the speed of the implementation of Inspur Cloud computing strategy.

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