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Inspur as a Self-owned Brand Ranks the First in the 2012 China Top 100 Software Product

2012-7-11 15:53:00

On July 10th, “the 11th China Top Hundred Software Business Revenue Enterprises and the Leading Enterprises Development Forum” was held in Nanjing by the Ministry of Industry and Information. Inspur with its 7.78 billion RMB of revenue listed the fifth on the China Top Hundred Software Enterprises, top ten in terms of independently developed software, keeping its lead in software industry in China.

In recent years, Inspur has seized the opportunities to carry out cloud computing transformation strategy, to develop software and information services. In 2011, the service revenue has realized 20% increase, accounting for 42% of the total software revenue. This is the 11th ranking led by  the Ministry of Industry and Information since 2002 and Inspur has been selected as China top ten software revenue enterprise for 9 consecutive years, China Top 2 independently developed software for 3 consecutive years.

It is learned that in recent years, there are three trends in China’s software industry: first, the companies and industries are expanding. The threshold for Top 100 has increased from 90 million RMB in 2001 to more than 600 millionRMB this year, with an average annual growth of 18.9%. In 2011, China's software and information service industry revenue reached 1.84 trillion RMB with an increase of 32.4% on year-on-year basis. Of the Top 100 software companies, three companies’ revenue are over 10 billions of RMB, twelve companies are over 5 billion RMB. Second, the industrial structure is undergoing adjustment and the commercial activities are growing fast. The cloud computing, new mode of information technology service, new commercial activities are developing fast and this is even so in areas such as information technology consulting service, data processing, operations service, embedded system service. Third, the industrial innovation capability is further strengthened In terms of basic software, the operating system, database, middle-ware, application systems etc. have developed a product system; the product and technology innovative capability in areas such as the Internet application software, business management software, financial management software, security software keeps growing; the industry software and industry solution also have great development.

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