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The Initiation of the State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology Project

2012-6-28 11:31:00

On 25 June, the "State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology" project undertaken by Inspur was officially launched in the Inspur Science and Technology Park located in Jinan High-Tech District. This is an important measure of Inspur to promote its cloud computing core capability, to build a world advanced cloud computing R&D center and to strengthen the national-level innovative platform construction, centered on the “State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology”.

It is understood that the newly built R&D building for the “State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology " is 156 meters high, with a total investment of 3.1 billion RMB, of which the infrastructure investment accounts 800 million RMB, investment in equipment and research condition accounts 2.3 billion RMB. When the R&D building is put into use by the end of 2014, it will become a world first-class IT technical research and development and experiment platform. In order to form a collaborative innovation and generic technology R&D platform, Inspur has resettled its R&D centers into this R&D base, including “State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology”, "National Research Center for Information Storage Engineering," "China Storage Industry Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance", "National Enterprise Technology Center", "National Post-doctoral Workstation" and "National Software Testing Laboratory". Meanwhile, it takes advantage of the state key laboratory as an open platform to attract domestic and overseas research institutes, research and development personnel , together to build the world's advanced innovation platform.

The research platform will focus on core equipments of cloud computing, cloud platform and cloud application to promote China’s cloud computing technology. In terms of core equipment research, it will focus on the five aspects, which are high performance server and system architecture of storage technology, system design, software system, testing and assessment and key cloud computing technology and system. Among them, the key of future research is the key cloud computing technology and system. Based on this platform, Inspur will exert its effort to make breakthroughs in terms of key cloud computing technology, cloud computing security system architecture, cloud demonstration platform, core software and hardware products by undertaking national projects and independent research and development. Meanwhile, in terms of cloud platform ad cloud application, Inspur will enhance the researches on cloud platform software and cloud application softwares of various industries, helping China to acquire independent and controllable cloud computing technology system and industrial chain.

In recent years, regarding the cloud computing industry, Inspur adheres to independent innovation and strives to develop core technology of cloud computing. Inspur has undertaken the construction of the only national key laboratory which is set in enterprise in IT field that is the national key laboratory of high performance server and storage technology. With this  platform, Inspur has undertaken two 863 special projects of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”---- the high-end fault-tolerant computer and mass storage which have been assessed and accepted by the Ministry of Science this year. Inspur has developed China’s first 32-way high-end fault tolerant computers which represents the highest level in the nation, China’s first PB-level mass storage, China’s first high-density server, China's first container data center, China's first cloud OS etc. This also makes our research capacity on server and storage reached the world's advanced level, becoming the second country to own this core high-end technology after the United States, which lays a solid foundation for building an independent, controllable and secure cloud computing infrastructure platform.

The initiation of the research building of Inspur’s “State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology" will accelerate the upgrading of the information industry in Jinan even Shandong Province, making it the best cloud computing R&D center and helping China to build the best cloud computing industry cluster.

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