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Inspur Cooperating with VMware to Promote the Opening-up of Cloud Computing in China

2012-5-23 16:41:00

On May 23rd, Inspur (Beijing) Electronic Information Co., Ltd (abbreviated as "Inspur") signed a memorandum of understanding with VMware in Beijing. Both Parties are committed to cooperate strategically with each other on cloud computing technologies, marketing etc. on the basis of mutual benefits; to provide Chines customers with localized cloud computing solutions, accelerate the normalization, opening-up and integration of cloud computing applications, as to render Inspur’s In-Cloud series as one of the mainstream cloud computing standards in China. Wang Endong, senior vice president of Inspur Group and Dr. Steve Herrod, chief technology officer and senior vice president of R&D of VMware attended the conference and witnessed this important moment.

Based on the memorandum of cooperation, VMware will work with the Inspur in cloud computing to build deeper long-term strategic cooperative partnership; they are also committed to the opening up and integration of cloud computing technology and solution development, as so to promote the development of cloud computing in China. The two Parties will form a joint research and development team of around 10 people, including application solution architect, software architect, software engineer to cooperate in two key cloud computing technology areas, that is, virtualization and cloud management, making the products of the two Parties compatible and achieving the localization of global technology by integrating the top techniques of the two Parties. Through this partnership, Inspur’s In-Cloud OS will seamlessly support VMware's leading-edge technology such as virtualization, so as to provide the Chinese users with leading open cloud computing solutions which supports isomerism and can be modularized based on modularization and open standardization.

The ongoing development of cloud computing in China is in full swing. The future trend lies in promoting mutual openness and compatibility between cloud computing technologies and developing open and integrated cloud computing application with compatible isomerism. Wang Endong, senior Vice President of Inspur comments on the cooperation, “the key to the development of cloud computing is its application and clients. Since an open and compatible cloud computing industry would best fit the interest of users, Inspur has always taken an open attitude towards cloud computing development.” Via this cooperation, the two parties will jointly promote In-Cloud OS to become the cloud computing technique standard, therefore one of the standards on cloud computing openness and integration in China. VMware is a global leader in virtualization and cloud computing. Inspur hopes that it can integrate the world’s most advanced technique with its in-depth understanding in Chinese customers so as to come up with advanced localized service solutions, making cloud computing technique self-independent.

Dr. Steve Herrod, the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D of VMware said, "the reason that VMware is able to develop rapidly is that, VMware has a very clear global strategy: we work closely with the local manufacturers from different countries. This cooperation has integrated the respective advantages of the two parties: VMware has the world leading technology and a dominant market share in X86 architecture while Inspur has a broad user base in China. Our cooperation will promote the development of cloud computing in China to a new level. VMware has been committed to the research and development of the three horizontal stratification of cloud, i.e. the infrastructure, the application layer and the end user interface, encourage the industry to comply with the Iaas, Paas, and Saas development trends. VMware expects to conduct broader cooperation with other manufacturers in this cloud computing business to achieve a win-win situation, popularizing the cloud development in China".

Mr. Song Jiayu, President of VMware Greater China Region, said, "VMware as a professional provider of cloud architecture, is a global leading manufacturer on solutions from the desktop to the data center virtualization whose enterprise cloud computing system takes the lead in the world. It is one of the significant strategies of VMware to work with the local experienced partner to jointly promote the cloud computing service in China. Inspur has good market performance in various domestic industries, including government, education, finance, communications, manufacturing, tobacco and so on. The cooperation aims to promote Inspur’s In-Cloud system to become one of the cloud computing technique standards in China, accelerating the development and popularization of virtualization and cloud computing in China. VMware is glad to make its contribution in China’s development of cloud computing. "

Marketing is also an important part of cooperation. Wang Hongli, the Vice President of Inspur Information said that, in 2012 both parties will focus on promoting regional cloud computing centers and hot spot fields such as health and police, including joint market activities, key industry battles. The plan aims to set five or more typical customers as examples in 2012 to help Inspur’s In-Cloud system to enter the international market in the near future. Currently, the solution optimization and functional testing have begun. However, more specific industry-oriented cloud computing integrated solution will be the key of the cooperation".

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