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Inspur Tiansuo K1 Won the "Red Star" Design Award

2011-11-23 15:34:00

On November 10, 2011, because of its excellent industrial design, Inspur Tiansuo K1 won the hearts of the top experts around the world and got the gold award of the "Red Star" Design Award. This is the second time Inspur won the "Red Star" since TiansuoTS850. Again, on this "Red Star" stage which was usually dominated by consumer products, Inspur showed the world China's leadership in industrial design and R&D capability in the server sector.

China "Red Star" Design Award is the top design award in China’s industrial design industry, and gained equal fame globally with Red Dot and IF. To ensure the authority and international level of the judgment, the 2011 Red Star Award invited 12 experts from 7 countries and regions, in which foreign experts accounted for nearly 60%. They strictly selected the works from 6 perspectives: innovation, practicality, economical efficiency, environmental friendliness, manufacturability and aesthetic. This year’s judgment was considered as the strictest one in the history, with most widely adoption of ideas.

Most experts agreed that Inspur Tiansuo K1 system was leading in overall design, visual management, coordinated cooling and other aspects, which not only ensure the stable and high performance, but also highlight the green and people-oriented features. The system served as a referable standard model for sever designing, and represented the advanced level of China’s industrial design in commercial IT products. Tiansuo K1 can withstand the weight of 1500 kilogram and earthquakes of magnitude 8. The product has its distinct senses of dimension and technology. The whole design incorporates the theory and application need of ergonomics. It highlights the core position of the HD LCD touch screen. The good performance of human-machine operation interface imbues more humanity into the maintenance and management work. Meanwhile, the system adopts the smart cooling module design, which can automatically change the fan speed by calculating the temperature change during the computing peak. In this way, it can not only meet the cooling need of 20 KW, but also save more than 30% of the energy.

Wang Endong, vice president of Inspur, pointed out that the product design and R&D capability of basic technology are the indicators of a company’s technological ability. For a server product manufacturer, basic technology is the foundation for advanced product technology. But before we jump from advanced core technology to advanced products, we should first of all have advanced product design technology. The product design is critical for the performance, stability and usability of the server. Inspur Tiansuo K1 system integrated the industrial design and various engineering technology. That it won the award competing with 240 products from 39 enterprises around the world shows that the time has come for China’s independent R&D large server to be productized and marketized.

Inspur Tiansuo K1 system is the achievement of “high-end fault-tolerant computer system” in the 863 plan. The product adopts the modular design, with single node supporting 32 processors, 2048 GB memory, and 960 Gb/s input and output processing capacity. During 30 months of research, Inpur has involved 310 experts and invested more than 700 million yuan. High-end fault-tolerant computer is the fundamental information platform for key industries such as finance, telecommunication, energy and transportation. As a key part of the national information building, it concerns the economic, social and strategic security of the country. Currently, the technology and market are dominated by IBM, HP and other foreign companies, who took away tens of billions of yuan from the Chinese market. This domination also threats the information safety of China. The release of Inspur Tiansuo K1 system is expected to change this situation.

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