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Inspur-Intel Parallel Computing Joint Lab Marks the New Era of Exascale Computing for HPC in China

2011-8-24 17:10:00

On August 14, Inspur and Intel established China Parallel Computing Joint Lab in Beijing. The lab will promote the architectural and application innovation of China's exascale computing, build a new technical environment for the HPC industry and drive China's HPC into the new era of exascale computing.

The HPC industry has always been following the Moore's law, that is, the performance would increase a thousand-fold every decade. With the release of the first petascale supercomputer in 2008, the HPC performance in the next decade will enter the exascale level. According to some source, the exascle performance is not just some hardware improvement of "petascale*1000". Due to some technical bottlenecks such as the frequency wall, memory wall and power wall, the improvement will mainly be done by increasing the degree of parallelism. In other words, the hardware scale will only increase 50-fold, but the overall degree of parallelism will increase over 4000-fold. Wang Endong, the director of HSS State Key Lab and vice senior president of Inspur Group, pointed that with the coming of exascale computing, the system structure will change from single architecture to hybrid architecture, and the processor chip will change from general multicore to special manycore. The change of technology will bring a total reform to the system structure, application parallel algorithmic design, programming model, tool chain and even the client application pattern. The HPC industry will embrace a new technological environment.

According to some source, in order to propel China's HPC into the new level of exascale and prepare the technical and capability resource for the platform shift, Inspur and Intel’s cooperation of Inspur-Intel Parallel Computing Joint Lab will be based on the integration of advantages from each side to conduct research on the exascale supercomputer in China, including various technologies such as the new system architecture, application parallel algorithmic design, programming model and the tool chain. Meanwhile, as an open platform for communication, the lab will, together with many HPC clients of typical applications and research institutions, to build a new technological environment for HPC to propel China’s HPC into the new era of exascale computing.

Rajeel Hazra, the general manager of Intel High Performance Computing Department, showed high expectation of this cooperation. Rajeeb said that Inspur is the leading provider of HPC total solution in China, and has its technological advantages and strategic vision in areas such as computing system, architectural innovation, application development and system optimization. The cooperation of the Parallel Computing Joint Lab is in line with Intel's global HPC long-term strategy and will bring an all-win result for Inspur, Intel and the HPC clients in China. According to some insider, currently 83% of the supercomputer around the world has adopted Intel’s system architecture. The cooperation between Inspur and Intel is in line with the HPC’s global strategy and will help China gain the upper hand in the global competition of exascale computing.

HPC is not only important for R&D and technological innovation, but also for the development of national strength and improvement of people's livelihood. It has always been a critical subject of competition. The US has already made clear plan for the development of exascale HPC. According to some insider, the innovation of "Inspur-Intel Parallel Computing Joint Lab" will bring positive impact on the HPC development in China for the next ten years. At the beginning stage of global exascale computing, the lab will improve China's R&D capability and help China gain the upper hand in the HPC industry.

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