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Inspur Releases In-Cloud SmartCloud

2011-4-7 19:34:00

Recently, Inspur, a leading cloud computing solution provider, simultaneously released SmartCloud, also known as the In-Cloud container data center, in Beijing and Jinan, marking the beginning for the commercialization of large-scale cloud computing data center and leading the trend of cutting-edge applications of cloud computing. In Beijing, nearly 200 people attended the conference, including senior officials from the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Academia Li Deyi, who is an expert in cloud computing, Wang Endong, who is the senior vice president of Inspur Group, clients from the ministries and commissions in Beijing, and people from the media and the third-party research institutes. In Jinan, Pan Jingshan, deputy director of Shandong Cloud Computing Center and Lijin, deputy director of State Key Laboratory of High-end Server and Storage Technology, attended the opening ceremony in Jinan Inspur Science and Technology Park.

As an innovative product that is standardized and modularized and an innovative application model that is plug-and-play, flexible and mobile, SmartCloud provides a new model for the construction, operation and maintenance of the cloud computing data center. It is another major progress for the market layout of cloud computing after the "In-Cloud" strategy.

“The data center is a critical and fundamental platform of cloud computing. There is an urgent need to innovatively reconstruct and manage the life cycle of data center, to propel the transformation from the traditional IDC that is formalistic and rigid to the standardized and commercialized CDC (cloud data center). The commercialization of data center will become a trend.” said Wang Endong, senior vice president of Inspur Group, at the conference.

SmartCloud realized the integration and commercialization of IT equipment, cooling, power supply and other units in the data center. It breaks the restriction of traditional data center and doesn’t need to follow the traditional procedure from site selection, equipment procurement to deployment and installation. Instead, it delivers the standardized and integrated products, which simplifying the data center construction and system integration, which usually would take years to complete, to a one-stop, mobile and plug-and–play product deployment.

SmartCloud includes two standard types: 20-foot split type and 40-foot all-in-one type. The 20-foot type, with an occupation of the land of 15 square meters and maximum weight of 20 tons, can withstand extreme environment from -40℃ to 60℃ and withstand earthquakes of more than 7 magnitude. The product can accommodate 7680 computing cores, which produce a computing power of 100 Tflops. 47 interconnected SmartClouds can reach the peak capacity of the Tianhe 1, which has the world's highest performance. 6PB maximum storage space can accommodate three 3 million high-definition movies or 500,000 people’s medical videos; Two SmartClouds can store the whole collections of the Library of Congress in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the integrated design of centralized power-supply, cooling and management ensures the smart operation and maintenance with ultra-high density and low power consumption. This will take it much easier for management, reduce costs from the full life circle of construction and management, and improve the flexibility of business. Taking the large-scale data center of 10,000 square meters as an example, by using SmartCloud, the construction period only will take a quarter or one-fifth of the original period; the infrastructure investment can be saved by 45%; the density will increase more than twice; and administrative costs can be reduced by 97%.

Inspur is undergoing the transition from a software and hardware provider to a cloud computing total solution provider. SmartCloud is an important landing product for Inspur’s cloud computing business strategy and a crucial product layout for cloud computing infrastructure layer. SmartCloud, together with "big servers, mass storage" and "cloud operating system” will become three pillars for Inspur cloud infrastructure. According to another source, Inspur will release its 32-way high-end fault-tolerant servers, PB-level mass facilities and “In-Cloud OS” within this year. At that time, Inspur will complete its product layout on the IaaS level, and enter the landing phase of cloud computing.

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