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Inspur Builds the First University-Level Hundred Tflops Super Computing System for Tsinghua University

2011-1-13 11:07:00

Recently, China’s first Hundred Tflops super computing system for universities is put into construction by Inspur in the Institute of Global Climate Change of Tsinghua University. Upon completion, it will become the fastest high-performance computing system in China’s universities.

According to some statistics, the annual economic losses for China caused by climate change and climate disasters have reached 180 billion. Climate change research is gaining social, political and economic significance. As a result, Tsinghua University founded the Center for Earth System Science in 2009 and the Global Change Research Institute in 2010 with the support from computer science department, environment department and nuclear energy research institute, etc. The two Institutes commit themselves to the study of forefront tasks of global system science and its social and economic impact under the background of global climate change. They focus on the climate system process, earth system model, earth system observation and global change economics, etc. At the same time, systemic science researches and talents training are carried out around the issue of global climate change to promote the development of the geoscience of Tsinghua University.

Super computing platform is a necessity for global climate change research and earth system science research. The super computing platform built for Tsinghua University, whose peak reaches one hundred Tflops, will provide accurate computing and data support for the research of national climate prediction and decision-making, and effectively improve China's research on climate change. Upon completion, the Tsinghua Hundred Tflops super computing platform has the following highlights:

High performance: it applies the CPU-GPU collaborative acceleration technology; with the configuration of the most advanced Intel Xeon X5670 six-core CPU, the computing peak value of CPU can reach 104 Tflops, and the total computing performance can reach 168 Tflops.

High density: it uses the Inspur blade server, which has the highest computing density in the industry; the single cabinet contains 200 cutting-edge six-core processors. The hundred-Tflops super computing system can be realized in just 9 cabinets.

High throughput: it adopts the leading I/O technology. With the configuration of QDR Infiniband network, it can realize 40 Gb/s communications bandwidth between computing nodes, and provide a total mass storage system of 1000 TB with 20 Gb/s bandwidth.

High energy conservation: it uses the latest sealed water-cooling cabinet technology in the industry. It forms a sealed cold and heat circular channel between the cabinet and refrigeration unit LCP to ensure the cooling demand of 35 KW power consumption of the highly sealed cabinet. The whole system is energy saving with all the computing nodes using energy-efficient power supply. The power conversion rate of the blade server is over 94% and the operation power consumption of systematic peak is no more than 350 KW.

The Hundred Tflops super computing platform in Tsinghua University will be provided by Inspur, the leading IT products and solutions provider, as a turnkey project from engineering, machine room, system to application management. Upon completion of the whole system, it will serve for the interdisciplinary research of Tsinghua University and provide computing and data services to the global change research in China.

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