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Independently-developed Cloud Platform Becomes the Mainstream, Inspur In-Cloud OS to University Textbook

In April 2014, Inspur In-Cloud OS was officially inclued in the textbook for computer major of regular college (the 3rd edition), which is the first time that data center operating system developed independently by China has been written into university textbook. In the first chapter Introduction of Operating System, Inspur In-Cloud OS is listed as three major operating system with cloud computing center of the world, together with Google Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows Azure.

Professor Peng Minde of Central South University, the author of the textbook says, "information technology is entering into period of cloud computing and multi-core processor that characterizes with 'Internet + Internet'. Such environment has given rise to the emergency of cloud operating system. In the republication of Computer Operating System (the 3rd edition), characteristics of cloud computing environment and cloud operating system are enriched, among which detailed introduction of Inspur In-Cloud OS of cloud data center operating system is attached great importance and concepts related to operating system in cloud computing era are enriched."

With development of Internet network application technology and popularization of cloud computing, a large quantity of data center resources need to be integrated and optimized. Cloud computing operating system, honoured as "Central Nervous System" of cloud data center, is capable to undertake unified management and dispatch of software and hardware resources of the whole cloud computing dara center to realize integration of data center resources, intelligent dispatch and flexible management. It means that independence and controllability of operating system technology has an enormous influence on the development of our information industry and social economy.

Not long ago, Microsoft unilaterally announced to stop technical support service of WindowsXP on April 8, which raised a widespread attention in China. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology made a response for the first time on April 23 that micrisoft's stopping technical support service of WindowsXP operating system will bring about direct safety risk to basic communication network, causing threat to entire safety of basic communication network.

Inspur In-Cloud OS is the first cloud data center operating system of China. The first version In-Cloud OS V1.0 was established in 2011 and is currently upgraded to In-Cloud OS V3.0. In-Cloud OS is a module cloud data center operating system with open architecture that is developed independently. Based on virtualization technology, it has realized resource integration, resource management and service delivery of data center and it is "central nervous system" of cloud data center. So far, In-Cloud OS has been widely applied in cloud building of government, national defense, public security, sanitatation, enterprise and other industries. It can help user to realize tranfer from traditional data center to cloud data center.

It is deemed by indisers that industrial technology of cloud computing is divided into four industry sectors of harware, cloud operating system, platform software and cloud application software. If China would like to be the industrial leader in cloud computing era, it must get to know core technology of the four fields well. In-Cloud OS developed independently by Inspur does not only has strategic significance to Inspur, but also lay an industrial and technical foundation for the state to solve independence and controllability of basic architecture and platform of cloud computing, which plays an important role in independence and controllability of the national cloud computing industry.

Sticking to open and standardized technical route, Inspur put emphasis on development of series of cloud infrastructure such as high-end server, mass storage, high-density Rack server, etc. as well as In-Cloud operating system of cloud computing center in order to provide modular, intelligent and integrated new generation data center scheme and service.

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