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Inspur Assists Shandong Mobile to quickly Expand Business Market of Home Network

As we enter the era of 4G and all-service operation, operators are in face of huge bandwidth pressure. On August 17, 2013, the State Council announced strategic implement plan of "BDChina" to made the deployment of development goals and routes of broadband in the next 8 years. The stage goal of home broadband services of China is that by 2015, fiber to the premise and building for urban area and broadband to the country and village for rural area shall be realized with popularizing rate of fixed broadband reaching 50%, which means that broadband becomes the national strategic public infrastructure for the first time.

Broadband services of China Mobile is the strategic binding and defense services, which, together with enterprise information-based products, constitutes two wings of "one body (mobile service of public market), two wings" of mobile service unit. Broadband services can support both group and home market. To expand home market is by no means only for broadband access, but for more important meanings. First, it is beneficial to break traditional mode to retain the client that relies on simple methods such as promotion, depreciation and so on; second, it is helpful for indoor coverage construction; third, it is favorable for promotion of home application.

China Mobile is facing greater chanllege with regards to management of fixed-line service and operation mechanism. For a long time, China Mobile conforms to top-down vertical management, which is quite different from partitioned management and blocking management of China Telecom and China Unicom. The latter has a high efficiency of service fulfillment, while China Mobile is far falling behind.

Inspur data services assists homeguest service fulfillment of Shandong, which has promoted data quality of Shandong Mobile, making automatic fulfullment and activation rate of home broadband service of Shandong Mobile reaching 97%, and greatly improved fulfillment efficiency of broadband service. It has also speeded up Shandong Mobile to expand in home market of broadband services and brought good fulfillment experience for end users. Currently, suceess rate of automatic fulfillment and fulfillment efficiency of Shandong Mobile is at the leading position of China Mobile. In the future, Inspur will comprehensively assist various services of Shandong Mobile for better and faster development by incorporating big data of communication and communication cloud.

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